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About us

Who we are

Factruse Limited is a wholly owned Nigerian company that has been in partnership with reputable modern Technology manufacturing companies in Europe and Asia, such as Panasonic (Vico) Turkey,  Consyha Spain etc in the past five(5 )years.

Our niche is our ability to timely identify emerging technology gaps and challenges and proactively position to solving such technology gaps and challenges.

Our company is a Super Virtual Voice/ Data Airtime dealer with 9mobile. With the company’s MAP Metering dealership deals with all the DISCOs (Electricity Distribution Companies), Factruse is introducing STS Smart Metering devices that have the capability to be used as a Hotspot device.
These metering devices will run on 9mobile Sims, thus increasing our partner’s (voice/data) usage.

Who we are

At Factruse Limited

We are resilient in our pursuit to be a One Stop IT solution provider in Nigeria.
The company has put up a team of highly skilled staff from key relevant sectors of the economy to drive its dreams. Our staff knowledge base and experience covers:

  • Legal
  • Financial Services
  • Information Technology
  • Audit / Control
  • Digital Marketing

Tested & Trusted

Our projects are fully tested, background checked, license validated and insured
with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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